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Last Chapter of Dreaming

by Marbin

Blue Fingers 03:09
Cafe de Nuit 02:32
Redline 05:21
Volta 04:17


Being every bit as enthralling as it is entertaining, Marbin's third release is a genre-defying masterpiece. On the heels of last year's critically-hailed effort, Breaking The Cycle (their second album, and first for MoonJune Records), the group has delivered the sort of album that you just can't stop listening to -- like a profound conversation with a stranger in the middle of the night, like falling in love at first sight, or like a great book that you can't seem to put down and you never want to end. While its predecessor provided solid evidence of the comprehensive breadth of styles and textures in their arsenal, Last Chapter of Dreaming documents an intrepid leap forward for this young, vibrant band. With it's unique blend of inventive, balls-to-the-wall rock, unpretentious, from-the-heart jazz, and emotionally-charged blues (and even a hint of bittersweet, melodic Eastern European folk), this fabulous effort serves notice, in no uncertain terms, that Marbin are a band that has clearly arrived.

This album will rock your socks off. It can make you weep, or it can whisk you away on a cloud. Last Chapter has it all -- and does it all, with conviction -- all the while displaying dazzling group chemistry, with some stunning interplay, sensitive deliveries, and a remarkably innovative flair. It's songs are engaging. The performances are riveting. Dani Rabin's guitar work is decidedly world-class; his tones are monstrous. He serves up a generous portion of just-baked fresh, authentic, authoritative rock statements, emerging as an important new fusion guitar voice in the process. Danny Markovitch provides the perfect compliment, with his velvety-smooth lines, superbly-articulated tones and acute dynamic sensibilities. The band has never sounded more cohesive, maintaining a playful, energized feel -- with drummer Justyn Lawrence and bassist Jae Gentile providing rock-solid grooves and undercurrents throughout proceedings.

While Breaking The Cycle -- an excellent album, in its own right -- might be fairly characterized as having been 'a shot fired across the bow' of progressive music, Last Chapter delivers the big payload, squarely on target. (... But albums this powerful are always going to leave a mark.) Standards have been set and standards have been exceeded, but there's truly nothing "standard" about this gem: it's completely original, exquisitely-faceted, and polished to perfection. Last Chapter of Dreaming is the epitome of superb, majestic progressive music that's not afraid to take a romp anywhere.


Marbin was formed in their native country, Israel, in June of 2007, by guitarist Dani Rabin and saxophonist Danny Markovitch. In 2009, after relocating to Chicago, the duo released their self-titled debut album. The album received high praise from many well-respected publications, including All About Jazz, The Examiner, CD Baby (featured as an "Editor's Pick"), The Jazz Police and more. In 2009, Rabin and Markovitch collaborated with the 7-time Grammy winner and former Pat Metheny Group drummer, Paul Wertico (a Chicago native), on his critically-acclaimed record, Impressions of a City. The record received a 4.5-star rating from Downbeat Magazine, and was very well-received throughout the modern jazz world.

During those sessions, a special chemistry was born between them. Wertico became a full-fledged member of Marbin, playing tour dates and bringing his masterful touch and talents to 2011's breakthrough follow-up album, Breaking The Cycle. Together with Paul's former bandmate and current Pat Metheny Group bassist, Steve Rodby, the group's first effort for MoonJune Records covered a broad palette of styles and made quite a splash on the progressive music world. Despite both Dani Rabin and Danny Markovitch being in their mid-20's and only having played together for less than four years at the time of recording BTC for MoonJune, there is a unique synergy to their playing. Stylistically, both musicians display musical chops and sensibilities that defy their young ages. Their compositions reflect that accelerated musical maturity -- displaying advanced melodic, harmonic and rhythmic concepts, but never sounding forced or contrived. Combine their individual styles, grace, diversity and unusual mastery of their respective instruments with the intuitive, complimentary fashion in which they play with one another, and you have a formula which bodes well for the future of Marbin (and progressive music fans around the globe!).

Performing live has always been a passion for Marbin, as anyone can attest who's ever attendied one of their shows or infamous "apartment concerts" -- like the one MoonJune's Leonardo Pavkovic attended, after which, he immediately signed them! The diversity of styles and influences encapsulated within the pair never fails to produce unique, memorable moments for listeners. Traveling and playing across the country constantly -- from small Midwestern towns, to major cities on both coasts -- this all-original, all-instrumental band strikes a chord with every audience. Considered one of the hardest-working among independent U.S. bands, Marbin has played over 450 gigs in less than 2-and-a-half years all over the USA and Canada. Touring together with jazz-fusion legends such as Allan Holdsworth and Scott Henderson (twice), the group have established themselves as one of the most talented, potent new maelstorms to shake the worlds of jazz-rock fusion and progressive music. With the release of their third album imminent, Marbin has added full-time members Justyn Lawrence (drums) and Jae Gentile (bass) to the band -- and they've never sounded better: providing a rock-solid foundation, while generating a playful, sensitive energy that propels the music. This group can tip-toe, frolic, or stampede -- and they do it with conviction and no pretenses.

Possessing an energy and zeal perhaps only surpassed by their work ethic and dedication, Marbin is making their presence felt and placing their indelible stamp on progressive music. They are a band whose time has come.
released February 19, 2013


released February 19, 2013

DANNY MARKOVITCH: saxophones (and keyboards on 5, 14)
DANI RABIN: guitar
JUSTYN LAWRENCE: drums (except for 2, 5, 10)
JAE GENTILE: bass (except for 5, 10)

Paul Wertico: drums (2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12)
Steve Rodby: bass (5, 10, 14)
Zohar Fresco: percussion (3, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12)
Jamey Haddad: percussion (3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12)
Leslie Beukelman: vocals (3, 5, 12, 14)
Jabari Rayford: vocals (12, 14)
Abraha Rayford: vocals (12, 14)
Caleb Willitz: vocals (3, 12, 14)
Justin Ruff: vocals (3)
Matt Nelson: keyboards (4, 5, 6, 8, 13)
Rob Clearfield: keyboards (14)
Greg Spero: keyboards (14)
Victor Garcia: trumpet (3, 12)

All songs were written, arranged and produced by Danny Markovitch and Dani Rabin.

The tracks of Last Chapter of Dreaming were recorded during the 2012 tour dates at:
Kingsize Studios (Chicago, IL)
Rattle Snake Studios (Chicago, IL)
Jamey's Attic (Shaker Heights, OH)
The People's Music (Van Nuys, CA)
Angello's Sound Studio (Nashville, TN)
Third Story Recording (Philadelphia, PA)
Halool Shel Da'abool (Ramot Hashavim, Israel)
Mix Kitchen (Chicago, IL)
Stone Soup (Toledo, OH)
Transient Sound (Chicago, IL)

Mixed by Rich Breen, at Dogmatic Sound, Burbank, CA 2012.
Mastered by Dave Collins, Chicago, IL, 2012.
all rights reserved


all rights reserved



Marbin Chicago, Illinois


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